Name: Panbanisha
Birthday: November 17, 1985
Favorite food: Eggs
Favorite game: Hide & seek
Favorite toy: Play-Doh (?clay?)

Conceived and born at Georgia State University’s Language Research Center in 1985, Panbanisha is the daughter of Matata. Panbanisha, which is Swahili for “cleave together for the purpose of contrast,” was co-reared with Panzee, a chimpanzee, from the time of birth until the age of four.

Like Kanzi, Panbanisha became linguistically competent without specific training. Her language comprehension and production skills are the most advanced of all Great Ape Trust primates. She began using the keyboard earlier than Kanzi and has progressed further. Panbanisha is currently participating in studies of linguistic communications, dialogue analysis and vocal communications.

Like her brother Kanzi, Panbanisha likes music and she has a very high level of intertest in creating musical constructions at the keyboard.

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